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So, [ profile] dancingchoose came down to visit me in Durham last Saturday, stayed through Wednesday morning. It was really, really awesome~.

Highlights include going to this arcade-y place that... okay well it wasn't as fun as it could have been (and was when I'd been before) because it was Monday and raining and NOBODY was there other than us, and due to the rain we couldn't do the Go-Karts or the Minigolf. But we found out that I suck at the Deal or No Deal arcade game, we did some House of the Dead (fuck your story let's just get to the zombie killing), and then we did Lazer Tag. Just the two of us. I thought it was actually pretty fun, being all Solid-Snake-Stealthy and... y'know. But it would have been better with more people.

The absolute best part* though was when we went to Kanki's, this Hibachi steakhouse. She'd never been to a Hibachi-style place before, and I aimed to remedy that gross injustice right away. So, the guy's doing his thing, cooking on the table, and then he makes a big flaming tower of stacked onions. And Gaby backs away from the (pretty damn big) fire, and so the chef is all "Oh, are you scared of the fire?" He grabs one of the yellow bottles that contain the oil, and says "You want some fire on you?" He then proceeds to squeeze the bottle, tossing this black stream at her.

We both kind of flinch and shy away, and then... it turns out that it was just string in the bottle, not oil at all. In retrospect, it was pretty damn hilarious. Even she thinks so. ... even if she doesn't admit it. Right?

Now it's Thanksgiving! Or it was, and it was up at New Hampshire. Saw lots of the big extended family, now back home in Jersey. Fly back to Raleigh-Durham tomorrow, and then gonna get some well-deserved sleep.


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