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Let's Start Off With the Basics, Shall We? (This is required!)

General Location:
I Am Gundam A (Male/Female/Tieria):
My Favorite 00 Mobile Suit Is:
My Favorite 00 Character Is:
My Least Favorite 00 Character Is:
My Favorite Episode Is:
I Ship:
My Favorite Non-00 Gundam Franchise Series Is:
My Favorite Non-Gundam Series Is:
Other Fandoms I'm In:
What You'll Find on my LJ:

And Now How About A Bit More Cracky... (This part is optional!)

OK, Here Are my FIVE Favorite 00 Characters (Order Optional):
And my Three Least Favorite (Order Optional):

Take Your Three Least Favorites. Choose one to throw off a cliff, one to marry (gender irrelevant) and one to play video games with:
You get a Haro. What Color Is It?:
Is having a Haro awesome? (Yes/Yes):
A Gundam 00 character is waiting in your bed tonight. You would like it the most if it were:
You would like it the least if it were:
You have to dress like one of the 00 characters for the rest of your life. You pick:
You are standing on your balcony, drink in hand. Say something cryptic, obtuse, and possibly plot-relevant:

General Thoughts on 00... (Likewise optional!)

Thus Far, I (Love/Like/Don't Care About/Dislike/Hate) Gundam 00:
What is Gundam 00's biggest strength?
What is Gundam 00's biggest weakness?
Predict Four Character Deaths: Who dies, who kills them, and how?
Gundam 00 Needs More:
Gundam 00 Needs Less:
What the Hell is With All the Drinking?
Anything Else?

Aaaaand... that's that.

Fill it out! Let's have some fun, shall we?

Feel free to link/spread the word if you want... let's get the 00 fandom together here!
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Gundam 00 fic, focusing on everybody's favorite badass Colonel and superhuman loli mecha pilot. Introspective, from Sergei's point of view. Spoilers for Gundam 00 episode 10!

Hope you enjoyed!


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