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2008-11-19 10:28 am

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Just a reminder: 

Everyone needs to go buy Yokaiden if you haven't already, because it is by the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] kopiispace and she deserves it. The art is beautiful, and I'm really looking forward to where the story is going to go next. If anything deserves to become a breakout hit, this is it~.

Iceland was really fun, and I have gifts and stuff for lots o' peeps (mainly postcards >_>) that I have not yet sent out because I am a slacker.

Other stuff? Well, I'm technically a full-time employee of The Escapist now, though the plans for WarCry (our other site that I'd been working on full-time) are... murky. Kinda came out of nowhere, and I'm unsure about what we're going to be doing with the WC staff and content or how the phasing will work... but in the end, I'm glad for it, because I'll get to be playing all sorts of games instead of just MMO after MMO. XD;

Tomorrow night I'm actually going to be a panelist on a Media Relations roundtable about the videogame industry. Everyone else's bio mentions how long they've been doing this for and how experienced they are. I feel, uh, kind of unqualified by comparison, and will just be concentrating on not looking like a complete moron. Silence is golden.

Gaby comes down Saturday, and I am v. v. excited. Have not seen her since the end of August, and for all the total connectivity of the Internet era makes handling long-distance relationships easier than ever, there's.. really no substitute for in-person interaction. I'm really really happy, and much fun times will be had. Laser tag and go-karts, anyone?

...yes, we're also going to see Twilight.

...wish me luck.