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The LJ edition is here. These are only journals I have on Dreamwidth.

As before, a * marks a character I've played in a real game, and a ~ marks a character who is currently active in one.

Axis Powers Hetalia:
Taiwan - [personal profile] baishu

Rachel Alucard - [personal profile] redstringed*

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin:
Charlotte Aulin - [personal profile] throwsthebook

Darker Than Black:
Genma Shizume - [personal profile] hardlikearock*

Rider (Alexander the Great) - [personal profile] hetairoooyjenkins*

Final Fantasy X:
Auron - [personal profile] legendsneverdie

Gravity Rush:
Kat - [personal profile] redshifting*~

Gundam SEED:
Mwu la Flaga - [personal profile] makesitpossible*

Gundam SEED Destiny:
Kira Yamato - [personal profile] jesushasagundam & beamspams (IJ)*~

Gundam Wing:
Treize Khushrenada - [personal profile] undistracted*

Feferi Peixes - [personal profile] necronomicod*~ (& aged-up as [personal profile] finperial)
Jade Harley - quarky (IJ)*~
John Egbert - [personal profile] forthewind
Kanaya Maryam - [personal profile] chastesaw*
Latula Pyrope - [personal profile] radglare
Marquise Spinneret Mindfang - [personal profile] cross8ones*
Nepeta Leijon (Red Dead Virgo AU) - [personal profile] empurress*
Roxy Lalonde - [personal profile] marteeny
Vriska Serket - [personal profile] spider8ite

Katawa Shoujo:
Shizune Hakamichi - [personal profile] aggress

League of Legends:
Amumu - [personal profile] tantrum
Annie Hastur - [personal profile] tibbers
Dr. Mundo - [personal profile] mundo
Ezreal - [personal profile] trueshot
Garen - [personal profile] bushwhacker
Lee Sin - [personal profile] overlooks
Orianna - [personal profile] dissonantdance & [personal profile] windup
Riven - [personal profile] reforge
Rumble - [personal profile] mechanized
Vi - [personal profile] dunkaroos
Xin Zhao - [personal profile] seneschal

Left 4 Dead 2:
Coach - [personal profile] neighborhooding

Macross Frontier:
Michael Blanc - [personal profile] shootingblancs*

Marvel Movieverse:
Bruce Banner - [profile] collisons

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya:
Itsuki Koizumi - [personal profile] yesper*

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic:
Princess Celestia - [personal profile] gotoyourmoon*

Persona 4:
Rise Kujikawa - [personal profile] idolchatter*~
Yosuke Hanamura - [personal profile] youthfulwind*

Pokemon Platinum:
Cynthia - [personal profile] garchamp*

Soul Eater:
Medusa - [personal profile] mommydearessst*

Touhou Project:
Ran Yakumo - [personal profile] calkyuulator*~ (& aged-down as [personal profile] shikit)
Remilia Scarlet - [personal profile] nightlesscastle*
Sanae Kochiya - [personal profile] mikotaku*~
Suika Ibuki - [personal profile] pettancohol
Yuyuko Saigyouji - [personal profile] phantomnomnom
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